What to expect - Whether it be a skidsteer or truck tree spade the weight of the vehicle is immense, ruts or damaged lawn can happen.We work with you to plan routes through your property to avoid damages or to keep the disturbed area to a minimum. Weather plays a huge role and we will work around inclement weather and wait for dryer conditions. 

Warranty – Nursery products are guaranteed to be viable when shipped and to be consistent with grade and quality ordered.  We will not be held responsible for a plants failure to grow as location conditions vary and are beyond our control. 
A 1 year warranty is available for purchase at an additional 25%.

Watering - Watering is required weekly for the first month and twice a month for the rest of the growing season after planting. If the spruce trees are watered too much or too little you will notice a yellowing of the needles. Evergreens need regular watering until the soil freezes in order to prevent winter browning and needle desiccation due to dehydration by winter winds and sun exposure.          *Watering scedule may vary depending on weather and soil conditions*