Our specially designed trucks with their 60" and 66" spades can dig, transport, and plant large mature deciduous or evergreen trees, ranging from 10'-16'ft in height and up to 6" caliper trunk diameter.
Spade moved trees are instant forests. In as little as one day you can have an entire shelter belt or forest planted in your yard or site! We can also rearrange and move the existing trees in your yard to give it a fresh look.

Truck access:
Width: 9ft
Height: 14ft

Spade Moved Trees

Basketed Trees

Burlap and Basket trees are great for limited access yards, specific caliper requirements and for the D.I.Y. person! These trees range from 4'-12' tall and can be planted by hand or with a skidsteer. We offer pick-up/delivery and planting of B & B trees.

Root ball Diameter: 32"-45"
Height: 24"-36"
Weight: 400Ibs-1200Ibs 

Basketed trees in 36" Basket range from 4-9ft tall
Basketed trees in 45" Basket range rom 10'-12' tall

Tree Planting

With landscape industry trained and certified staff we take great pride in our tree planting! We have a multitude of machinery and tools, as well as the knowledge to handle and plant trees with great care and attention. We are a one stop shop for any and all tree planting needs and information!

Call or e-mail us today to talk with our certified horticulturalist on what trees you need to enhance your property! 

*With the size of the trees being moved and size of the truck required to move them, firm ground is essential to gain access to planting areas. The trucks weigh roughly 11,500Kg each; they can leave ruts and damage grass. We will communicate with you and determine ideal routes, ideal weather conditions and plan of action to ensure minimal damage*